Lactose-free Snacks: Alpen Light Jaffa Cake Bars

Alpen Jaffa Cake Bars

I find it impossible to last the whole time between breakfast and lunch without having loud embarrassing stomach growls, which always seem to occur at the wrong time when it’s lovely and quiet!

I work on several busy hospital wards, so I need a snack that’s easy to pop in my pocket and eat on-the-go. Since becoming lactose intolerant, I’ve discovered that it’s really difficult to find lactose-free snacks! I am constantly searching the supermarket shelves for something I can eat which won’t leave me in stomach cramps for the whole day. I’ve looked at so many of the quick snack bars and been met with repeated disappointment each time, as I scan the ingredients and read milk/lactose/whey and all things horribly milky (but something I’d really love to devour!).

That is until l I recently found Alpen Light Jaffa Cake Bars! They’re a lovely, chewy, oaty bar with pieces of orange, a little drizzle of dark chocolate on top, and they fill my elevenses-hole nicely. The bar is just the right size to carry in my pockets, and easy to eat whilst I’m writing up a set of notes at work.

My only issues are that they are a little too small (but I always want more!) and a bit too chewy; personally I prefer a crunchier biscuit taste. But they do have a great tangy orange flavour, very similar to the classic Jaffa cake taste – and they’re only 70 calories, so I don’t feel as guilty when I’m eating it!

For now they meet my on-the-go snack needs perfectly, but I’ll keep searching for new products to add some variety. If you have any favourite lactose-free snacks, I’d love to know about them!

P.S. They’re currently only £1 in Sainsbury’s supermarkets! I’ve stocked up for the next couple of weeks!

Find them here:

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