Zizzi: Dairy-free Pizza and Dessert


Since becoming lactose-intolerant, one of the foods I miss most is really cheesy pizza. I do love making my own homemade pizza with Arla lactose-free cheddar cheese, but I find this can be a bit oily when melted – nowhere near as good as mozzarella (but then, what is?).

I used to get big food envy when going out for dinner, and my family and friends could all have amazing pizzas… until now! Zizzi makes a pizza which is completely dairy-free, and can even be made gluten free too! Woohoo!

The pizza base can be prepared in one of two styles: ‘classic’, which is Zizzi’s standard  pizza base, or ‘rustica’, which is thinner, crispier and much bigger! Naturally, I went with the bigger one. But the most important part is the cheese! Zizzi uses coconut milk, which makes a lovely, creamy cheese that works perfectly on the rich tomato base. I was surprised it didn’t taste of coconut – in fact, it was rather similar to mozerella, although not quite as thick or stringy. It’s consistency was more like a heavy sauce.
You can find this pizza under the dairy-free section of the Zizzi ‘allergy menu’ – simply ask your server to view it once you’ve been seated. As standard, you can customise your pizza with up to three toppings. There’s a wide range to choose from – if you can’t pick just three, you can add any additional toppings for an extra 90p each. I ordered my pizza with caramelised onions, black olives and torn roasted chicken. Delicious!

IMG_0015And YES! They even offer a vegan-friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free dessert! For pudding was a sticky chocolate praline torte, served with coconut and chocolate ripple ice cream. I’m not usually a fan of these kinds of dessert, but I just had to try it out of curiosity! The torte was served as a slice, and featured a date, hazelnut and walnut base with a chocolatey centre, topped with honey comb.

Unfortuntely, I left most of the torte as I found it far too rich – it was made with dark chocolate and was very sickly. The base was rather sticky, and the dates and nuts gave it a bitty texture, which I wasn’t overly keen on. While I don’t really like honey comb either, it did add a nice, crunchy texture which pleasantly contrasted with the overly-sticky torte.

The ice cream was very quick to melt – it was more like a water ice. It had a good coconut flavour and much lighter than ordinary ice cream, however you couldn’t really taste the chocolate within it. Personally, I didn’t really like this dessert, but if you’re a lover of rich, chocolatey puddings then this is an excellent dairy-free option.

Find out more about Zizzi at: www.zizzi.co.uk

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