Dairy-Free Supermarket Easter Eggs Reviewed


I LOVE Easter! And one of the biggest parts of Easter is giving and receiving beautiful chocolate eggs. I don’t know why, but I always think Easter egg chocolate tastes so much better than your ordinary bar – and I love finding little surprises within them too!

Sadly, being lactose-intolerant means most of those lovely, milky eggs are now off-limits – but with a little help from my family, I’ve hunted down all the diary-free, milk-free and lactose-free eggs available at the three biggest supermarkets in the UK – Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda.

I spent a chocolate-filled afternoon with my mum and boyfriend reviewing each and every one. By the end we all felt more than a little sick, full of sugar and craving salt, but you can read our analysis below!

Initially, we thought that the eggs would differ between the three supermarkets. However it soon became apparent that Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda had used the same manufacturer – the ‘choc’ and ‘white choc’ eggs are exactly the same, no matter where you shop! While the packaging and the overall sizes varied, the decoration,, texture and taste were all identical. The packaging states that they are all in Ireland – it’s not not exactly clear where, but there’s little doubt that they are all from the same supplier. In other words, it makes no difference which supermarket you go to – the eggs are the same!

‘White choc’ egg




Tesco – Small Egg £2.50 Mini White Chocolate Buttons
Sainsbury’s – Small Egg £2.50 Mini White Chocolate Buttons

Rating: 2/5

The Tesco packaging was quite boring – just one plain colour – while the Sainsbury’s egg had a patterned box with spring features, which looked far more attractive.

Looks pleasing, with an interesting rippled texture.

Very sweet; similar to normal white chocolate.

Very soft; melted quickly.

Too sweet and SO sugary. Besides a slight creamy aftertaste,  it’s almost like eating pure sugar.



‘Choc’ Egg




Tesco – Small Egg £2.50 Mini Chocolate Buttons
Sainsbury’s – Medium Egg £3.50 Milk Chocolate Discs
Asda – Large Egg £4.00 Orange chocolate Discs – Very orangey aroma and a nice tangy taste. Good, but not quite Terry’s.

Rating: 3.5/5

Identical to the ‘white choc’ egg.

Appearance :
Identical to the ‘white choc’ egg.

Smells a lot stronger than the white egg, much like dark chocolate.

Noticeably harder than the white chocolate. Has a better snap, and melts well.

Quite bitter; similar to chocolate but not as milky or smooth. Lacks flavour, but far better tasting than the ‘white choc’ egg!



Tesco Finest Caramel Flavoured Egg and Fondant Truffles

Tesco has an extra egg in their selection, under the Tesco Finest range. Of all the eggs, this was the one I was most excited about!

Available from Tesco (£3.50).
Rating: 5/5

FullSizeRender_8The Egg
The most appealing. The packaging doesn’t shout ‘free-from’ in large-letters like the others, and looks more like a normal Easter egg.

Again has the same rippled texture.

Subtle caramel and chocolate smell, however not over-powering.

Exactly like a normal Easter egg, with a good snap and melts well too!

SO GOOD! A little like a vanilla toffee. Features a milky and chocolatey flavour – not too sweet or too bitter. Neither sickly or rich, this egg was just right!

The Truffles
I never ever thought you could find a dairy-free truffle, but they do exist! These look just like a normal truffle, and are wrapped beautifully in gold foil. The truffle has a hard chocolate shell and soft gooey centre, rather similar to Lindt Lindor truffle. It was nice to be able to have something different other than solid chocolate discs or buttons. Simply delicious!


We also tried a couple of extra Easter treats…


FullSizeRender_3Choices Dairy Free Chocolate Rabbit

Available at Sainsbury’s (£1.00) and Tesco (£0.99).
Rating: 4/5

This chocolate was a lot nicer than the eggs; more palatable, milkier-tasting and much more similar to ordinary chocolate. We also agreed that it would be the most appealing to children as an alternative to the standard Easter egg.



FullSizeRender_1Plamil Organic Mini Half-Eggs

Available at Holland and Barett (£3.49).
Rating: 0/5

This was vile! So disgusting that my mum and I spat them straight back out again. These eggs taste stale, artificial and plain rotten. There were only 9 small eggs in the pack – for that price I’d expect a lot more. It’s expensive, gross, and I certainly will not be buying them again.
Overall, it’s excellent that supermarkets are now recognising dietary intolerances and providing free-from eggs. I feel that the chocolate will always taste a little artificial, and never quite like the real thing (If you’re really craving that chocolate, it may just be worth eating the normal eggs and dealing with stomach pains later!). However, the Tesco Finest Caramel Easter egg was the clear winner; it was delicious – probably the best dairy-free chocolate I have ever had – and I will definitely be asking for this egg at Easter. Hopefully in the years to come there will be a few more options to choose from as the free-from industry grows.

Right now though, I need a chocolate-break to come down from my sugar rush… Happy Easter!

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