Wall’s Dairy-Free Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice cream

This weekend has been quite a hot one, and I may have ended up burnt in a few odd places. More than anything else, I was craving ice cream! This is quite odd for me, as I’m not really an ice cream fan, but it was very hot and I needed something to cool me down!

My Mum and I found these mini ice-cream bars made by Wall’s. They’re vegan-friendly, dairy-free, lactose-free and gluten-free, which very few ice cream companies seem to be catering to! The ice cream itself is made with soya and flavoured using fresh vanilla pods, which you can see throughout the ice cream.

Mamma Sue with Ice CreamMum and I thought they were excellent! The ice cream tastes just like normal – we couldn’t tell the difference. It was lovely and creamy, with a good coating of chocolate and just the right portion size, so you’re not left feeling sick afterwards.

We bought these at Sainsbury’s for £3.20 – quite expensive for ice cream, but as there are five in a box, each only works out to be 64p, which isn’t really a lot! You can also buy these in refreshing strawberry flavour. Perhaps I’ll try these next time I get that craving!

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